About My Elf Hat

Many years ago a friend gave me a wee little hat which belonged to one of Santa’s elves named Elfie. This elf visited our home starting the Monday after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve.  We learned that he and other elves are magical and invisible to children. They are Santa’s eyes and ears for all of the days before Christmas.

Every morning our children were excited to see if Elfie’s hat had moved from the spot it had been the night before. It reminded me of a game of hide and seek with the little hat appearing all over our home…on window sills, on top of lamps and candles, in bookcases, by shoes and so many other places. Some days they would find an encouraging note from Elfie. They were North Pole Pen Pals.  Honestly, it was the one time of a year that the kids woke up early! Elfie was a great help to Santa through the years. Elfie explained that although Santa did check the naughty and nice list every year, Santa could not be everywhere daily so he employed special elves to help him. Every year Elfie reminded our kids when to send their wish list in and he personally delivered it to the North Pole.

Start your fun family tradition this year!