Q. How does Where’s My Elfhat work?

A. It works just like your child’s visit from Santa Claus. All of this is magic. Parental suggestions are included in the color brochure. 


Q. Can my child talk to Santa Claus?

A. You may be able to see Santa or one of his helpers in a mall near you but during the Holiday Season he communicates via elves before Christmas and a note on Christmas morning.


Q. Does each child in our family need an elf?

A. That depends upon your family. Usually having one elf per family is plenty.


Q. Is Where’s My Elfhat a game?

A. No, it is a Christmas tradition that families enjoy between Thanksgiving and Christmas morning. Normally, when children awaken they will look to see if their elf’s hat has moved from where it was previously. If it did not move then their elf was called on to complete other duties for Santa.


Q.  Is this available for wholesale pricing?

A. Yes, any stores interested in purchasing wholesale and have your ID number, please contact us for further information.